About Us

The Jimmy CORE Foundation


The Jimmy CORE Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in the spirit of its namesake. Jimmy Core was committed to helping homeless people eat a full meal in the communities in which he lived and worked.  

There are more than 500,000 homeless people in the United States and most are searching for essential life comforts of food, clothing and shelter. This number continues to grow and foundation believes it is our responsibility to help as many of these individuals possible. The foundation will focus on providing essential life comforts so that this group can focus energy on returning to their place in society. 

In the beginning, all of the focus will be in Charlotte, NC. This is Jimmy Core’s hometown. A fundraiser will be held annually in the month of July to fund the foundation and the services it will provide the homeless.  

The Jimmy CORE Foundation will have three clear missions:  

  • Provide food, clothing and shelter for homeless people in Charlotte, NC. 
  •  Educate and inspire others to lift this group up to achieve higher levels of living.  
  • Preserve and maintain the spirit of Jimmy Core.  






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